Cream that brightens dark circles under the eyes with caffeine and a complex of stem cells from the Swiss apple tree.

A unique cream for the care of the eye area based on the rejuvenating effect of plant stem cells.

The cream contains many ingredients (including chestnut and citrus extract), primary purpose of which is to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. The amino acid complex improves blood and lymph flow, and strengthens fragile blood vessels. The cream has an intense moisturizing effect thanks to the presence of emollients (glycerin) and vit. E. Systematic use guarantees a lasting improvement of the firmness of the delicate skin around the eyes thanks to the toning effect of caffeine. Stem cells contained in the cosmetic reduces the mimic wrinkles and prevent further skin damage. The cream contains a complex of stem cells from the Swiss apple tree with a high regenerative potential and accelerating repair processes in the skin.

PhytoCellTecTMMalus Domestica Liposome-encapsulated plant stem cell cultures from a rare variety of Swiss apple:

  • have a protective effect on skin stem cells
  • significantly delay the regenerative processes of the skin
  • ensure a youthful appearance and vitality of the skin.

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LORIENT cosmetics available only in Francis Soap Shop chain of stores.

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