Eye serum with green tea BIO.

A serum for the care of the eye area based on organic green tea, organic witch hazel extract, Antarctic ® - OSILIFTU ®

The green tea eye serum is a unique combination of nourishing and protective ingredients that effectively and quickly regenerate and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes.

The active ingredient of the serum is the OSILIFT® complex - obtained from organic oats. It rebuilds the skin, firms it instantly, and is extremely effective in the fight against wrinkles and mimic lines. It is rich in sterols, vitamins and other ingredients with antioxidant properties. The fight against aging is also enhanced by green tea extract, which protects against the harmful effects of free radicals. The serum strongly nourishes the skin, replenishes vitamin deficiencies and improves skin tone thanks to the presence of cornflower hydrolate. It has antiseptic, soothing and softening properties. The serum also contains ANTARCTICIN. Antarctic, apart from a strong lifting effect, regenerates the skin, makes it thicker and healthier. This substance increases the production of collagen and elastin. It also reduces inflammation and protects against cold, UV rays and unfavorable weather conditions. Witch hazel extract, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, seals and reduces the fragility of blood vessels. It helps to eliminate puffiness and soothes irritated skin around the eyes.

Dermocosmetics - also known as dermatological cosmetics, are the result of cooperation between the best French cosmetologists and dermatologists. Their indescribable power and delicacy results from the fact that they do not contain substances that cause allergies, unnecessary smells or dyes - but a lot of bioactive ingredients, a high concentration of vitamins and ingredients of plant origin with proven soothing and calming properties.

LORIENT cosmetics available only in the Francis Soap Shop chain of stores.

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